3 Reasons Why A Professional Should Prune Your Oak Trees

If you own an Oak Tree or have one on your property, then you are familiar with many of the reasons why pruning is not just encouraged but a necessity. If done correctly, pruning will help your tree maintain its natural form and optimal health. If done incorrectly, it could lead to infections that progresses slowly and harms the tree in the long run. It is therefore vital that you understand exactly what you are doing to get the best results and why hiring a professional to prune your oak trees is the best route to go!

Oak Wilt Infection

Oak Wilt is spread from tree to tree by Picnic Bugs (insects that feed on sap). The contamination then occurs when these bugs transfer sap from infected trees to healthy trees, thereby causing a slow and eventual deterioration in the health of normal Oak trees. Unfortunately, these picnic bugs become very active and prevalent during summer and spring seasons. Trees that are infected with Oak Wilt tend to produce quite a lot of sap during this time making it a very attractive choice of habitat suitable for all insects including these sap feeding beetles. A person with knowledge of oak trees will know the best way to prevent infection from spreading throughout the tree, or even to other trees on the property.

Removing Proper Length

Extra care must also be taken to ensure that you do not trim out more than a quarter of the total canopy. With pruning, less could be more as over-trimming could affect the tree detrimentally.  Note that pruning regularly every two or three years is a lot better than doing an extreme pruning every decade. A professional will be able to inform an oak tree owner how often their oak tree should be maintained.

Timing is Vital

The winter season a good time for pruning Oak trees. The reason for this is simple: when winter comes around, the “picnic bugs” mentioned earlier are often frozen and inactive. The fungal spores from the trees and exposed saps are also often not present, which leaves no room for infection. It is also important to note that pruning during winter helps to ease the entire operation as colder seasons rids the tree of leaves thereby exposing dead/dying branches and aiding overall visibility as you decide what branches are best to trim.

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