3 Reasons Why Texans Should Be Planting Live Oak Trees

Planting Live Oak Trees

3 Reasons Why Texans Should Be Planting Live Oak Trees

After peering over your picket fence and into your neighbor’s yard one too many times, you’ve finally decided to plant your very own live oak tree.  Props to you, because there are incredible benefits that you can reap when planting live oak trees in Texas. Although there are many more, the following three reasons are deemed very important for your health and pocket book!

1. Planting Live Oak Trees Will Bring Up Your Home Value.

If you’ve ever had to put your house for sale on the market, you’d know that it can be a long and painful process.

Luckily, for those who are planting live oak trees in their front yard, your home is worth more to potential buyers and more likely to sell.

Michigan State University concluded that in Texas, the average percent increase over base home value for houses with strategically planted trees in their yard, increased their property value up to 10.16%.

Why? Well, the reasons are many, but mainly because they are aesthetically pleasing to the buyers. Because let’s be real, a desolate yard just doesn’t exactly seem warm and inviting.

The Home Depot sells live oak trees at an incredibly affordable price, so I’d say the investment is a no-brainer.

2. Planting Live Oak Trees Provides Environmental Benefits.

Not only can you contribute to producing more oxygen for our lungs ($31,250 worth to be exact), you can bring down electric costs if you plant a live oak tree in the right location.

That’s pretty impressive. I mean, who doesn’t like to breathe, right?

The U.S. Forest Service says, “strategically placed trees save up to 56 percent on annual air-conditioning costs”. If you live in Texas, you know that air conditioning costs can be ridiculously high in the summertime because temperatures can rise over 100 degrees for weeks at a time.

Plus, after a long day of strenuous yard work, there’s nothing more refreshing than plopping underneath your beautiful, shady live oak tree to catch a cool breath. 

3. Texas Soil is Perfect for Planting a Live Oak Tree.

Live oak trees are tolerant to Texas drought and may be planted in a wide variety of soils, which makes them perfect for practically anyone’s front yard.

You can grow them in the sand by the ocean (shout out to Corpus Christi!), clay, alkaline soil, acidic soil, and many more types, which makes this tree extremely versatile. 

However, it’s important to note that whichever soil you do choose, make sure the space you are planting your live oak tree will accommodate its enormous size. Some of these trees can grow a trunk with a diameter of 6 feet and can eventually reach a height of 60 feet tall.


If you already have an oak tree and are looking for resources on pruning upkeep, check out 3 Reasons Why a Professional Should Prune Your Oak Trees or contact Buchanan Tree Service for a free quote.

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